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We offer steady fixed income that is automatically deposited into your account every day.

$2 207 810

Invested crypto in USD

$471 081

Paid out to users

136 528

Registered users


Days of work

Mining levels

1 GH/s = $0.05

Level 1

1-500 GH/s

Mining currency:

Daily: 1.8%

Level 4

3000-6000 GH/s

Mining currency:

Daily: 2.4%

Level 2

500-1000 GH/s

Mining currency:

Daily: 2.0%

Level 5

6000-20000 GH/s

Mining currency:

Daily: 2.6%

Level 3

1000-3000 GH/s

Mining currency:

Daily: 2.2%

Level 6

20000+ GH/s

Mining currency:

Daily: 3.0%

Referral system

Invite friends - Earn money

Join our community, sign up an account, get your affiliates link.

Level 1
Level 2
For each registration

Advanced referral system

Invite your friends via personal referral link and receive 10%, 5% to your account for each of their purchases.

You receive a reward for each user’s purchase who registered using your link or friend’s link.

For each registration via your link, the partner receive $0.02


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you could not find an answer to your questions, please contact our customer support

Cloud mining is a method of cryptocurrency mining where individuals lease computing power from remote data centers, eliminating the need to purchase and maintain hardware. Miners rent hashing power from third-party providers to participate in mining, and rewards are proportionate to the rented computing capacity.

Register for a free account using your email address, then top up your account, choose the cryptocurrency you want to invest in, and start earning daily returns!

No. You must make a deposit of $5 and mining will be available.

Our equipment allows users to mine such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Polygon (MATIC), Litecoin (LTC), Tron (TRX), Binance coin (BNB) and Solana (SOL)

The daily profit depends on the amount of GH/s in your account. There are 6 levels on our platform:

1 LEVEL = 1-500 GH/s (Daily: 1.8%)
2 LEVEL = 500-1000 GH/s (Daily: 2.0%)
3 LEVEL = 1000-3000 GH/s (Daily: 2.2%)
4 LEVEL = 3000-6000 GH/s (Daily: 2.4%)
5 LEVEL = 6000-20000 GH/s (Daily: 2.6%)
6 LEVEL = 20000+ GH/s (Daily: 3.0%)

Make deposits to receive more GH/s (1 GH/s = $0.05).

The validity of your GH/s is unlimited.

Make a deposit in any available cryptocurrency and after arriving funds on our platform, the funds will be automatically converted into GH/s and credited to your account.

1 GH/s = $0.05
For example: if you make a deposit of 10 USDT, you will be credited 200 GH/s.

You can make a deposit on our platform with Tether TRC20, Bitcoin, Tron, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Polygon, Tron, Binance coin, Solana.

GH/s is non-refundable. After crediting, GH/s will belong to your account forever.

The minimum deposit amount is $5. You can see the accurate information about minimum deposit amount for each cryptocurrency in your account when replenishing the balance.

The minimum withdrawal amount of earned funds is $50 in auto mode (Maximum delay is up to 5 minutes). However, for the referral balance, the minimum withdrawal amount is 5 USDT (~$5).

After making a deposit in any cryptocurrency, funds will be credited after the network confirmation and will be automatically converted into GH/s. If funds have not been credited to your balance, contact our online chat.

The referral program is a kind of cooperation, when the platform pays a client for attracting new customers. Each user has a unique link on which he can invite friends and earn 10% of each deposit.

The minimum withdrawal amount from the referral balance is 5 USDT.

Yes, it is not prohibited by the rules of the platform.

When you re-register in order to cheat referrals, your personal account will be permanently banned.

All payments under the referral program are made in USDT.

Post a video review of our platform on YouTube and get 100 GH/s to your balance
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